For six weeks during the summer of 1971 I worked as a freelance photographer at Barratt's Photo Press. Maurice Hibberd was Pictures Editor. I have salvaged four of my photographs from that time, two human interest stories and two 'celeb shoots'. Photographs are copyright Barratt's Photo Press and reproduced here[*] for their historical interest.
Geoffrey Klempner

Sonja Kristina
Sonja Kristina
Sonja Kristina lead singer
with the progressive rock
group Curved Air wins the
vote for top female vocalist
1971 in a poll of the readers
of Sounds Magazine.
BARRATT'S 11.9.71
Richard Malcolm Bromley-Davenport
I feel a clot says
arrested 'officer'
Old Etonian Richard Malcolm
Bromley-Davenport with
the Army Uniform which
landed him in Bow Street
Magistrates Court today.
Richard was going to a fancy
dress party in the uniform
when real officers spotted
him in a pub and called the
police. Richard was was
arrested for impersonating
an officer.
BARRATT'S 12.8.71
Olivia de Havilland
Olivia de Havilland
Actress Olivia de Havilland
star of Gone With the Wind
photographed today in the
Penthouse Suite of the
Dorchester Hotel prior
to her dinner date with
British Prime Minister
Edward Heath.
BARRATT'S 24.8.71
Richard Slater
Richard really
rang the bell
10 year old Richard Slater this
afternoon received a letter of
thanks from the Fire Chief of
Clerkenwell Fire Station. It
was Richard's prompt action
that saved lives in a Kentish
Town Fire. Picture shows
Richard Slater sliding down
the pole during his visit to
Clerkenwell Fire Station.
BARRATT'S 7.9.71
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