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Geoffrey Klempner

Geoffrey Klempner

Geoffrey Klempner graduated from London University in 1976, and went on to gain a doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford University in 1982.

Taking his inspiration from the Greek Sophists, in 1995 he gave up university teaching in order to launch the Pathways School of Philosophy which has since attracted students from over 60 countries.

In 1999, he wrote in the introduction to his Glass house philosopher notebook:

"I am one of a new breed. Call us the Internet Sophists. I believe the university departments have had their day. Time has come for a more democratic arrangement. The world wide web offers a paradigm for a radically new approach to teaching and publishing. Whether the universities like it or not, the changes have already begun. If they want to survive, it is time to get on board."

His experience as an entrepreneur philosopher led to an increasing interest in the philosophy of the business world, and in 2003 he founded the e-journal Philosophy for Business.

His conference papers and journal articles focus on the central questions of the philosophy of business, in particular the tension between our nature as social beings and the rules which apply to players in the business arena.

Sceptical of easy resolutions of this conflict from both socialist philosophies and the radical right, he has developed an alternative approach which sees a positive value in recognizing our dual nature.

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