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Philosophy for Business Issue 85 30th October 2018

'The Superior Business Firm Roundtable: Historically Speaking' by Tom Veblen
'Creating New Knowledge' by Tom Veblen
'Imagining a World Without Hunger' by Tom Veblen

Philosophy for Business Issue 84 23rd June 2018

'Human vs. Robot Decision Making on the Battlefield: War and Rational Choice Theory' by Todd J. Barry
'Potential Conflicts between Individual and Group Rights in Accessing Renewable Energy' by Paul Fagan
Normative Business Ethics Workshop Series of the Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research
The Ethics of Business, Trade & Global Governance: An Interdisciplinary Conference

Philosophy for Business Issue 83 2nd October 2017

'A Market for Values As An Instrument to Renew and Democratize Capitalism' by Marco Senatore
'How to Implement Core Values? Promoting practical wisdom in business entities by means of the Socratic method' by Michael Noah Weiss
'How to let Philosophy act in the contemporary Business environment?' by Chiara Sivieri
'Philosophical aspects of decision making in the doctrine of Value Based Management' by Piotr Wojciechowski

Philosophy for Business Issue 82 4th September 2017

'Ethics in Hiring: Nepotism, Meritocracy, or Utilitarian Compassion' by Mikael Olsson
'To Work is to Pray: The History of Protestant Business Ethics' by L.S. Embulayeva
'Russian Philosophy of Business' by M.I. Danilova

Philosophy for Business Issue 81 3rd May 2017

'The Evolving Commercial Society' by Jack Clumpkens
'The New Shape of Work and Play' by Peter Miller
'Translating Human Endeavor Into Human Well-Being' by Tom Veblen

Philosophy for Business Issue 80 11th February 2017

'Corporate Philanthropy amongst SMEs: A Divine Command Theory Perspective' by Umaru Zubairu
'The Relations Between Ethics and Economics: A Comparative Analysis between Ayres' and Weber's Perspectives' by Nuria Toledano and Crispen Karanda
'Plato as a Philosophy Salesman in the Phaedo' by Marlon Jesspher B. De Vera

Philosophy for Business Issue 79 28th December 2016

'In Memory of Rachel Browne' by Geoffrey Klempner
'New Technologies, the Infoworld, and the Need For Actionable Knowledge' by Georgios Constantine Pentzaropoulos
'A Market for Values and Metavalues' by Marco Senatore
'Security: Business As Something Real' by Maximiliano Korstanje
'Technology and Human Dignity' by Yongho N. Nichodemus
'One Small Step Backwards for Humankind' by Michael Levy

Philosophy for Business Issue 78 5th May 2015

'Seeing Philosophy in Business Writing: a Response' by Julio Graham, MBA
'Media Today' by Pencka Gancheva
'A Dynamic Re-Conception of an Integrative Teaching-Learning Process' by Renato Dela Pena, Jr
'Wisdom -- In Reach... But Hard to Grasp' by Michael Levy
'Short Story' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 77 20th June 2014

'Economics, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility' by Yongsheng Wang and Maxwell Chomas
'Truth in the Business Arena' by Geoffrey Klempner
'A Call for Papers' by Peter S. Borkowski

Philosophy for Business Issue 76 28th February 2014

'Meeting Socrates: How to do Socratic Consultations' by Kristof Van Rossem
'The Role of Science in a Modern Mobile World' by Maximiliano E. Korstanje and Geoffrey Skoll
'Seeing Philosophy in Business Writing' by Peter Borkowski

Philosophy for Business Issue 75 21st December 2012

'Consolations of a Business Philosopher' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Michael Polanyi: Tacit Knowledge, Articulation and Economics' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez
'From Data and Information to Actionable Knowledge' by Georgios Constantine Pentzaropoulos

Philosophy for Business Issue 74 7th September 2012

'The Problem of Abortion: A Utilitarian Discussion' by Tejasha Kalita
'The Fetish of Risk' by Geoff Skoll and Maximiliano Korstanje
Terry Eagleton meets Roger Scruton at the Royal Institution

Philosophy for Business Issue 73 24th April 2012

'Friedrich Hayek: The Mont Pelerin Society and 'The Facts of the Social Sciences'' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez
'The German model, codetermination and Alexander Platz: Fusion or Confusion?' by Angela Richards
'Is Deep Ecology a Realistic Policy Goal?' by Dr Prabhu Venkataraman and Devartha Morang

Philosophy for Business Issue 72 27th March 2012

'Screen Age Man and the Terror of Silence' by Stephen Farthing
Tim E. Taylor 'Knowing What is Good For You' reviewed by Rachel Browne
Machiavelli and Business Ethics: Three recent answers

Philosophy for Business Issue 71 23rd January 2012

'Toward Corporate Preeminence: The Greatness of Corporate Soul' by Sean Jasso
'On the Right to be Greedy' by Geoffrey Klempner
Review of Carl Freedman 'The Age of Nixon: A study in cultural power' by Rachel Browne

Philosophy for Business Issue 70 6th December 2011

'Ludwig von Mises: Economist and Philosophical Anthropologist' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez
'Emergencies and the Mass Media' by Maximiliano Korstanje
Call for Papers: Philosophy of Management 2012

Philosophy for Business Issue 69 13th October 2011

'Harnessing Enterprise and Risk in The Era of 'Political Economy'' by Sean Jasso
Review of Marvin T. Brown Civilizing the Economy: A New Economics of Provision by Rachel Browne
CFP: Henry Kaufman Conference on Religious Traditions and Business Behavior

Philosophy for Business Issue 68 23rd September 2011

'A Study of Paul Virilio Panic City' by Maximiliano E. Korstanje
Samuel S. Franklin The Psychology of Happiness, A Good Human Life, reviewed by Rachel Browne
'Speak Up Procedures Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities of Internal Whistle-Blowing Procedures', University of Greenwich Business School

Philosophy for Business Issue 67 26th May 2011

'Issues in Workplace Accommodations for People with Disabilities' by Andrew Ward, Paul M.A. Baker and Nathan Moon
'The Necessity of Lying' by Max Malikow
'Genealogy of Pop' by Lance Kirby

Philosophy for Business Issue 66 25 March 2011

'The Way of Business. An Inquiry into Meaning and Superiority: Prologue' by Tom Veblen
'Descartes' Method revived by Edward de Bono, or how to improve the practical efficiency of our minds' by Pencka Gancheva
'Fear Mongering Feeds Insane Oil Prices Once Up-on A-Gain' by Michael Levy
Event: 'Wittgenstein (The Crooked Roads)' by William Lyons

Philosophy for Business Issue 65 17 February 2011

Answer to question on 'Capitalism and the poverty of desire' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Swine Flu in Perspective' by Maximiliano Korstanje
'The Way of Business: Pressing On' by Tom Veblen
Birkbeck College London: Postgraduate Programmes in Corporate Governance and Ethics

Philosophy for Business Issue 64 21 January 2011

'Whither Business Ethics?' by Bob Korth
'The Suffering Principle in Peter Singer's Ethics' by Tanuja Kalita
Review of Jennifer Burns 'Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right' by Martin Jenkins

Philosophy for Business Issue 63 21 December 2010

'A New Form of Discrimination: Credit Reports and Hiring Practices' by Christopher M. Caldwell
'Profits and Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Workers' Cooperatives' by Dena Hurst
'Essential Characteristics of a Worker Cooperative' by William Cerf

Philosophy for Business Issue 62 3 November 2010

'Globalization, Technology, and the Future of Man' by Rafael D. Pangilinan
'Ethics and Advertising Revisited' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Some Questions on Freelancing' by Pritam Bhattacharyya

Philosophy for Business Issue 61 20 September 2010

'Rescuing Capitalism' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Gandhi, Gandhism, and the Principle of Non-violence' by Krishna M. Pathak
'Trust the Marxists' by Burton Sankeralli

Philosophy for Business Issue 60 28 May 2010

'Redefining the Good Life in a Sustainable Society' by Rafael D. Pangilinan
Philosophy of Management: Two Calls for Papers
Public Lecture: 'Some Types of Political Reasoning' by Alasdair MacIntyre

Philosophy for Business Issue 59 28 April 2010

'Aristotle and Locke on the Moral Limits of Wealth' by Andrew Murray
'Inclusion of Ethnic Minorities in Philosophy A-Level: Report on a Further Education College' by Sally Latham
'Ethical Dilemmas online course: a review' by Pencka Gancheva

Philosophy for Business Issue 58 8 April 2010

'Traditional Eco-Friendly Approach towards the Environment: Sacred Space and Land Ethics' by Tejasha Kalita
'Ethics of Monetary Interest' by John Pullin
Call For Papers: Journal of Travel and Tourism Research

Philosophy for Business Issue 57 24 February 2010

'Why Punishment Fails or Succeeds: Existential reflections from one being punished' by Neil Abramson
'Answer on the Ethics of Monetary Interest' by Geoffrey Klempner
Call for Papers: African Philosophy of Management

Philosophy for Business Issue 56 21 January 2010

'The Hippocratic Oath of the Manager: Good or Bad Idea?' By Sean D. Jasso
'Globalisation: Building A Global Ethics' by Rajakishore Nath
'Two Tentative Answers on Ethics' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 55 4 December 2009

'Aristotle on the Ethics of Workplace Relations' by Andrew Murray
'On Walter Benjamin's Historical Materialism' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
'Questionnaire on Philosophical Practice and Organizations' by Neri Pollastri and Paolo Cervari

Philosophy for Business Issue 54 19 October 2009

'Plato and Aristotle on the Ethics of Business' by Andrew Murray
'Durkheim and Weber: Methodological Reflections for Management and Business Studies' by Alfredo D'Angelo and Federico Zuolo
Open University Pavis Lecture by Onora O'Neill

Philosophy for Business Issue 53 26 August 2009

'Transparency and Trust' by Dena Hurst
'Business Ethics' by Gillian Griffin
'Socrates on Money and Happiness' by Kristian Urstad

Philosophy for Business Issue 52 23 April 2009

'Philosophy in the Business Arena' by Geoffrey Klempner
Review of Adela Cortina 'For an Ethic of Consumption' by Maximiliano Korstanje
Introducing Dena Hurst, Guest Editor

Philosophy for Business Issue 51 31 January 2009

'What Do I Do Now? Three Kierkegaardian strategies after failing to be promoted' by Neil Abramson
'CSR as an Ethical Dilemma' by Geoffrey Klempner
Ethical Dilemmas Now Online

Philosophy for Business Issue 50 16 December 2008

'Globalization and localization as feedback mechanisms -- Internalization of economic externalities' by Subbu Kumarappan and Majd Abdulla
The Economics of Corporate Governance and Mergers by Klaus Gugler and B. Burcin Yurtoglu, reviewed by Andrew Browne
'Intellectuals -- Knowledge, Power, Ideas' -- Conference in Budapest, Hungary May 2009

Philosophy for Business Issue 49 31 October 2008

'Coming to Grips With Consulting: the Confucian Ideal' by Tom C. Veblen
'Modern Recruitment Personality Tests: an Ethical Dilemma' by Maximiliano Korstanje
'Corporate Governance and Ethics: an Aristotelian Perspective' by Alejo Jose G. Sison, reviewed by Rachel Browne
'Ethical Dilemmas: a Pathways Program' by Wolfgang W. Osterhage

Philosophy for Business Issue 48 1 October 2008

'Corporate Virtue (or 'Why be Ethical'?)' by Simon Geschwindt
'Wall Street Skull and Crossbones' by John Renesch
'The Long and the Short of it' by Michael Levy
'Prescriptive Entrepreneurship' by James O. Fiet with Pankaj C. Patel, reviewed by Andrew Browne

Philosophy for Business Issue 47 31 August 2008

'The Business Virtues' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Homosexuality and Business: New terms for old customs' by Maximiliano Korstanje
Review of Lisa H. Newton 'Permission to Steal' by Anne Maguire

Philosophy for Business Issue 46 16 June 2008

'American Business' by Tom Veblen
'Competition, Profit and Responsibility' by Geoffrey Klempner
International Society for Philosophers at Facebook

Philosophy for Business Issue 45 3 May 2008

'On Property and Theft' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Comments on Albert Carr, 'Is Business Bluffing Ethical?'' by Wolfgang W. Osterhage
'Summer School: Strategic Dialogue and Development of Discourse' by Jos Kessels

Philosophy for Business Issue 44 17 March 2008

'Am I Right? Or Am I Right?' by Simon Geschwindt, reviewed by Rachel Browne
'Traditional/ Conventional Models, Theories, and Practices which Drive Leadership Attitudes and Actions Regarding Organizational Development and Relations' by Heidi Gregory-Mina
'On the Definition of Bribery' by John Pullin
'Community and Individual Development Association City Campus' by Dumisani Dladla

Philosophy for Business Issue 43 6 February 2008

'Principles and Compromise in the Business Arena' by Geoffrey Klempner
'On the definitional problem of ethical investment: the problem is not the definition: a response to Osterhage' by Matthew Haigh
'Brief comments on the response by Haigh on ethical investments' by Wolfgang W. Osterhage

Philosophy for Business Issue 42 29 December 2007

'Knowledge and Action in Business Ethics' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Pitfalls in Ethical Financial Investments' by Wolfgang W. Osterhage
'Towards a Redefinition of Time in Business' by Patrick Fogarty

Philosophy for Business Issue 41 4 December 2007

'Gaining an understanding of the business world through our own stories' by Alan Byrne
'Spain in Focus: report on land abuse' by Inmaculada de la Vega
'The Point of Business Ethics' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 40 29 September 2007

'Forget about success and it will arrive by itself!' by Heinrich Anker
'Does Good Behavior Pay Off?' by Sean Jasso
'Varieties of Ethical Dilemma' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 39 11 August 2007

'Can Business Ethics be Taught?' by Daniel E. Wueste
'Taking Fair Advantage' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Guinea Pigs Wanted' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 38 5 June 2007

'The Role of Business in our Society: Forces Underlying Change' by Tom C. Veblen
'Human Aspects of Economic Networking Structures' by Wolfgang W. Osterhage
'Emotions -- Basic Motivators' by Robert Dunham

Philosophy for Business Issue 37 18 April 2007

'A Convention Theory Approach to Corporate Morality' by Matthew Haigh
'Transitional Models for Global Economic Relations' by Wolfgang W. Osterhage
'CSR From a Philosopher's Perspective' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 36 11 March 2007

'Economic Growth as Part of a Semi-Chaotic System' by Wolfgang W. Osterhage
'Sustainable Consumption: Selected anthropological and moral remarks' by Maciej Bazela
Conference on Social Responsibility 16 March, Prague, Czech Republic

Philosophy for Business Issue 35 7 February 2007

'The Face Outside: Starting Point, Reversal, Realistic Utopia' by Mar Peter-Raoul
'Are Business Ethics Really Improving?' by Simon Webley
'Open Plan Offices: an alternative perspective' by Alan Byrne

Philosophy for Business Issue 34 14 November 2006

'Business and Government: Review of David McKay American Politics and Society' by Andrew Browne
'Creating Wealth' by Tom Veblen
'A Heart for the Tin Man' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 33 11 October 2006

'Philosophy Meets Business' by Ute Sommer
'Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean: The Quest for Arete in the New Corporation' by Sean Jasso
'Virtue and Organizational Culture' by Surendra Arjoon

Philosophy for Business Issue 32 9 September 2006

'Promising, Causing Harm, and Professional Obligations' by John Alexander
'BP's North Slope: De Facto Policy At Work' by Bart Mongoven
Review of Kenneth E. Goodpaster Conscience and Corporate Culture by Rachel Browne

Philosophy for Business Issue 31 18 July 2006

'Why Good People Do Bad Things in Business' by John Renesch
'Language in Business' by Lawrence J.C. Baron
'Swallowed Up' by Rob Harrison

Philosophy for Business Issue 30 17 June 2006

'Overcoming Fundamentalism in Business' By John Renesch
'The Way of Business: McDonald Story' by Tom Veblen
Alasdair MacIntyre's Revolutionary Aristotelianism: 2007 Conference

Philosophy for Business Issue 29 19 May 2006

'Summit for the Future: Trade - Asian Leadership' report by Martin Herzog
'My Summit' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Pumping up the Price of Oil' by Michael Levy

Philosophy for Business Issue 28 11 April 2006

'Virtue Business Ethics' by Ovidiu Gherghe
'CSR, PR and Scientology' by Rama Varma
'Summit for the Future' by Felix Bopp

Philosophy for Business Issue 27 17 March 2006

'Philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility' by Geoffrey Klempner
'On the Possibility of a Business Ethic' by Geoffrey Klempner
'A warning against too much enthusiasm for constructivism' by Martin Herzog

Philosophy for Business Issue 26 5 February 2006

'Reasonable Doubts' by Ute Sommer
'On being a "business philosopher"' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Response to Andre Vieira on Junk Morality' by Peter B. Raabe

Philosophy for Business Issue 25 6 January 2006

'The Cry for Ethical Leadership' by Nathan Harter
'A Revised view of Junk Morality' by Andre Vieira
'The Business of Holding or Folding: or, How to Run a Successful Enterprise' by Michael Levy

Philosophy for Business Issue 24 21 November 2005

'Junk Morality: The ethics of manufacturing and selling inferior quality merchandise' by Peter B. Raabe
Ask a Business Philosopher: three answers
Ask a Business Philosopher: twenty questions

Philosophy for Business Issue 23 23 October 2005

'The Logic and Psychology of Panic Situations' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Post-Industrial Humanism: Transformative Humanization of Nature (or 'Naturization' of Humanity) Toward a Moral Technology' by Ruel F. Pepa
'The Significance of Money' by Michael Levy

Philosophy for Business Issue 22 23 September 2005

'The Meeting' by Thomas Basboll
'Meeting with Ute Sommer' by Geoffrey Klempner
'A Standard for Stakeholder Engagement' by AccountAbility

Philosophy for Business Issue 21 18 August 2005

'Philosophy for Business People' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Business Ethics' by Dr Rosamund Thomas
The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy reviewed by Andrew Browne

Philosophy for Business Issue 20 6 July 2005

'What's our case? Back to basics in corporate responsibility' by Ian Christie
'Socrates in the Marketplace' by Daniel Silvermintz
Ethics Codes, Corporations and the Challenge of Globalization reviewed by Rachel Browne

Philosophy for Business Issue 19 1 June 2005

'Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Dialogue' by Geoffrey Klempner
Geoffrey Klempner in the Czech Republic
Conference: Reinventing Accountability for the 21st Century

Philosophy for Business Issue 18 16 May 2005

'Organizational Direction in a Culture of Trust' by Ruel F. Pepa
'Considerations on Corporate Social Responsibility' by John Ormerod
'Questionnaire on the Ethics of Tax Evasion' by Robert McGee

Philosophy for Business Issue 17 25 April 2005

'Teaching and Learning about Business Ethics' by Linzi J Kemp
'Stewards of Creation: Some Personal Reflections on Ecology' by Erwin B Laya
'CSR, or Professional Foul Revisited' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business Issue 16 21 February 2005

'Philosophical Investigations of IS Project Failures' by Nicolas Reimen
'Mainstreaming Responsible Investment: Executive Summary' by Simon Zadek,Mira Merme and Richard Samans
Mainstreaming Responsible Investment: Press Release

Philosophy for Business Issue 15 11 January 2005

'Profitable Marriage' by Peter B. Raabe
Philosophy of Business: Wikipedia Article
Philosophy of Management 05: Call for Papers

Philosophy for Business Issue 14 13 December 2004

'The Philosophy of Business Philosophy' by Geoffrey Klempner
'The Role of Philosophy in Developing Business Feel' by Steven Segal
'Postmodernism, Feminism, and Organizational Ethics: Letting Difference Be' by Kathy E. Ferguson

Philosophy for Business Issue 13 1 November 2004

'Let he who is without sin articulate the first virtue?' by Thomas Basboll
'Finding the way towards a feminist business ethic' by Karin Susan Fester and David Ward
'Men in Deck-chairs' by Michael Levy

Philosophy for Business Issue 12 27 September 2004

'Pragmatic Leadership: A candidate for supervision and management approach' by Ovidiu Gherghe
'Ethical Personality' by Rachel Browne
'Germanising Globalisation — Assessing the impact of globalisation on German business' by Angela Richards

Philosophy for Business Issue 11 29 August 2004

'The Ethics of Competition in Business: A Perspectivist Approach' by Ruel F. Pepa
'The Hard Way or the Easy Way' by Michael Levy
ISFP Web Site Goes Multi-Lingual: Call for translators

Philosophy for Business Issue 10 18 July 2004

'Trust, Integrity and Reputation in Business' by Simon Webley
'The Myth of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)' by Deborah Doane
CFP: International Conference on Evolution and Organisation - Denaturing Darwin

Philosophy for Business Issue 9 13 June 2004

The Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society
'Ethics and Advertising' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Ethics is Political Economics. Moral behavior is Good Management' by Liviu Drugus

Philosophy for Business Issue 8 30 May 2004

'Business "Ethics"?' by Rachel Browne
'Recommendations to Prohibitions' by Amanda McLeod
'Bhagavad Gita and Management' by M.P. Bhattathiry

Philosophy for Business Issue 7 2 May 2004

Pathways Scholarship Program: call for sponsors
'An Ancient Method for Business Ethics?' by Eric Litwack
'Ethics in the Face of Uncertainty: judgement not rules' by Michael Luntley

Philosophy for Business Issue 6 4 April 2004

'Market Crossroads: Fertile Ground for Board Development' by Mike Kipp
'On True and Fair Accounting' by David Robjant
'Is there such a thing as Business Ethics?' by Rachel Browne

Philosophy for Business Issue 5 7 March 2004

'The Business Arena' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Evolutionary Psychology and Ethics' by Michael Price
'On Corporations, Globalization and Sweatshops: Response to Stephen Leahy'
by Andre A. Alves

Philosophy for Business Issue 4 8 February 2004

'Response to Mike Parry and Robert Dunham' by David Gold
'Corporations Need Treatment, Documentary Argues' by Stephen Leahy
'Truthful Investment Savvy' by Michael Levy
'Call for Papers: the Ethics of Executive Compensation' by Robert Kolb

Philosophy for Business Issue 3 28 December 2003

'Moral Philosophy and Business' by Mike Parry
'Response to Mike Parry' by Robert Dunham
'Towards a Philosophy of Leadership' by Leif-Runar Forsth

Philosophy for Business Issue 2 30 November 2003

'Ethics: a Foundation Competency' by Geetu Bharwaney and Carolann Ashton
'Business Ethics in Israel' by Richard Galloway
'Conflict Management as an Ethical Problem' by Mari Kooskora

Philosophy for Business Issue 1 2 November 2003

'The Ethics of Tax Avoidance' by John Sartoris
'A Brief on Business Ethics' by Tibor R. Machan
'Business Ethics and the Ethics of Business' by Dale Barrett